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Welcome to "TAE SUNG" Co., Ltd. Homepage.

Taesung Precision was founded in 1975, since then we have concentrated on precision injection mold productionand our products are automobiles, refrigerators, air - conditioners, washingmachines, vacuum cleaners, etc, producing electronic appliances such as plastic injection molds. Our main clients are Hyundai, Kia Automobile, and LG Electronics.We have a catapulting mass production, mold production factory, “KOH MEX” cooperation covering 39 Square kilometers in Mexico in cooperation with LG Electronics. We started our business on December of the Same year as the main partner of LGEMM in Mexico. Our main business countries are corporations in the USA, Mexico, Australia, India, and Turkey.

for construction we use the latest computer systems, based on design framing mold production design drawings with NC data, for operating at super speed, as well as super precision Machining Center through DNC system. We achieve minute 3D shape cutting and achieve processing reduction introduced ISO 2000(Quality management system) in 2003 and implemented the ERP/POP electronic computer system.

We established our Enterprise Annex Laboratory in 2004 so that we can produce high quality molds with technical improvement and meet customer’s demands. Our business philosophy “defiant pioneering spirit is radical thinking. This spirit creates a new market” and all employees are united to keep our research development fresh as well as continuously investing in our equipment Likewise Taesung Precision Co., Ltd. rearranged our ideology upon entering the 21-century, working hard, standing on the foundation of perfecting our techniques and systems. We’ll do our best in maintaining high efficiency high quality product development, and winning on the world stage through investment and continuous research.